Jim Gellatly presents his annual Christmas podcast…

Jim gets in festive mood with 10 tinsel-tinged tunes from Scotland. A couple of covers and a bunch of originals show that the country’s creative juices continue to flow, even at Christmastime. Featured acts include Katie Sutherland, GoGoBot, Withered Hand, The Stagger Rats and Carly Connor.

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Jim Gellatly’s New Music is also carried on Radio Six International, East Renfrewshire’s Pulse 98.4 & World FM (New Zealand)

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  1. Eddy & the T-Bolts ‘Santa MacClaus’ web
  2. Ambulances ‘The True Meaning Of Christmas’ web
  3. GoGoBot ‘The Turkey’s Getting Dry’ web
  4. The Stormy Seas ‘The Christmas Before Last’ web
  5. The Plimptons ‘Christmas All Over This Town’ web
  6. Ed Drewett & Katie Sutherland ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ web
  7. How To Swim ‘Stockings’ web
  8. Carly Connor ‘Stay All Night’ web
  9. Withered Hand ‘Real Snow’ web
  10. The Stagger Rats ‘There’s No Lights On the Christmas Tree Mother, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight’ web
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