DFRNT is a quickly becoming a fully paid up member of the Scottish dubstep elite. Expect to see the Edinburgh based producer in the Hall of fame alongside the likes of Kode 9 and Akira Kiteshi.

The New Sound series has taken an early hiatus recently to lineup some serious talent but trust us, it’s been worth the wait. Kicking things off again with this superb mix from DFRNT is putting a huge smile on our faces. Aptly tipped by  the likes of MLR and Rob Booth, the Echodub label owner is set to become a house hold name (in certain circles).

When requesting this mix we asked for something that represents his own music, Echodub Records with some influences and that’s just what we got, all that Detroit goodness mixed up with some tech dub / dubstep basslines. A firm favourite in our household.



  1. Egoless – Brain Ball Noise
  2. Gravious – Jupiter Jazz
  3. Asusu – Countenance
  4. El Rakkas – I & I
  5. DFRNT – Throwback
  6. DFRNT – On The Move
  7. DFRNT – Pressure Drop
  8. DFRNT – The Next Step
  9. DFRNT – Therapy
  10. DFRNT – Travelling (DFRNT Less Is More Edit)
  11. Foiled Torsos – Waiting At The Gate (DFRNT Remix)
  12. Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (Scuba’s High Up Mix)
  13. Indigo – Grains
  14. Ike Release – 11th Hour
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