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Listen online, stream and download the weekly Glasgow PodcART podcast on Radio Magnetic, featuring the best new music from Scotland and beyond.

Welcome to another podcast! Halina brings you 8 tracks from around the world that are quite frankly tickling her tiny ear bones right now.


  1. Damo – ‘Dogma’
  2. Stanley Odd ‘Get A Grip (Morphamish Remix)’
  3. Behold, The Old Bear – ‘Best Enemy’
  4. Kins‘Top & Turn’
  5. Phoria‘Red’
  6. Velcro Hooks‘Wildman’
  7. UMBERTO‘The Locker Room’
  8. Wintersleep ‘Resuscitate’

You can stream/download the Podcast from SoundCloud – www.soundcloud.com/glasgowpodcart

We are also on iTunes – http://itun.es/i6J97L5

Finally, we are on MixCloud – http://www.mixcloud.com/GlasgowPodcart

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