Listen online, stream and download the weekly Glasgow PodcART podcast on Radio Magnetic, featuring the best new music from Scotland and beyond.

I suppose we should start by apologising for the title of the podcast this week, but what are words?

The important part of all this is the music. Our tracks this week are geographically widespread and there promises to be something for everyone. Welcome to another episode of Glasgow Podcart.


  1. VsVsNovember Snow (I Am Blip Remix)
  2. PinactIn My Head
  3. Jon Kennedy Flow
  4. Jay StansfieldGobstopper
  5. Conquering Animal SoundUltimate Heat Death of the Universe
  6. ComanechiLove is the Cure
  7. Dead GazeI Found the Ending
  8. Saint Max and the FanaticsA Life Worth Living

You can stream/download the Podcast from SoundCloud – www.soundcloud.com/glasgowpodcart

We are also on iTunes – http://itun.es/i6J97L5

Finally, we are on MixCloud – http://www.mixcloud.com/GlasgowPodcart

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