Jim Gellatly’s latest showcase of Scotland’s freshest music

Jim Gellatly with more new music from Scotland… including The Guardian’s First Album Award winner… an electronic artist racking up plays on Soundcloud… and the future of Rock N Roll?

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photo of Rustie


  1. Rustie feat Nightwave ‘Surph’ web
  2. Easter Street ‘Soul For Sale’ web
  3. Cleavers ‘Girls In Their Sunday Best’ web
  4. Academy Strangers ‘Crash & Burn’ web
  5. Campbell’s Wild ‘Superman Pills’ web
  6. The Soviets ‘Good Times’ web
  7. Clean George IV ‘Cecilia’ web
  8. The Korova ‘Numbers And Narratives’ web
  9. Jericho Bay ‘Fabricated Life’ web
  10. Dysfunctional ‘Better The Devil’ web
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