Jim Gellatly with more of Scotland’s New Music

In:Demand Uncut’s Jim Gellatly presents more emerging sounds from Scotland including tracks from Patricia Panther, Fat Goth, The Stagger Rats, The Pictish Trail and a rather tasty remix from Chvrches.

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*photo of Patricia Panther


  1. The LaFontaines ‘Shark In The Water’ web
  2. Hotstuff & The Eyecandy ‘I Don’t Want To Know’ web
  3. The Pictish Trail ‘Michael Rocket’ web
  4. The Deadline Shakes ‘Don’t You Be Too Cool’ web
  5. Patricia Panther ‘Duty’ web
  6. The Stagger Rats ‘Maybe When I Get A Bit Older’ web
  7. Them & Us ‘Freak’ web
  8. So Many Animal Calls ‘She Was Speaking From The Bottom Of The Sea’ web
  9. Fat Goth ‘Creepy Lounge’ web
  10. Ultraísta ‘Gold Dayzz’ (Chvrches remix) web
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