Jim Gellatly’s latest New Music Collection…

In:Demand Uncut’s Jim Gellatly curates more of Scotland’s New Music including a Dundee act tipped by Jake Bugg… the latest offering from a Hollywood star’s band… and even a song about Jim’s own career!

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  1. Colin’s Godson ‘Jim Gellatly’s TV Dream’ (acoustic) web
  2. Rick Redbeard ‘Now We’re Dancing’ web
  3. The Amazing Snakeheads ‘Testifying Time’ web
  4. The Boston Tea Party ‘Down This Road Again’ web
  5. Academy Strangers ‘The Beast Inside’ web
  6. Beecake ‘Images’ web
  7. Model Jet Pilot ‘Boy In A Bubble’ web
  8. Brave Young Red ‘Brown Boots’ web
  9. The Rosy Crucifixion ‘Winners’ web
  10. Darwin Deez ‘Free’ (Unicorn Kid remix) web
  11. Colin’s Godson ‘Jim Gellatly’s TV Dream’ (acoustic) web
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