Jim Gellatly’s New Music picks….

In:Demand Uncut’s Jim Gellatly selects more of Scotland’s New Music including tracks from Frightened Rabbit, S-Type, Steve Mason, Kid Canaveral and Garden Of Elks.

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*photo of Jim with Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit


  1. Steve Mason ‘Fight Them Back’ web
  2. Selective Service ‘Sometimes It’s Easy’ web
  3. Scott Peden ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ web
  4. Frightened Rabbit ‘The Woodpile’ web
  5. Culann ‘Salvation’ web
  6. Unkle Bob ‘Cold Water’ web
  7. Garden Of Elks ‘This Morning We Are Astronauts’ web
  8. Tiger. Fire. Fear. ‘Freeze Buddy! I’m A Cop!’ web
  9. Kid Canaveral ‘Without A Backing Track’ web
  10. S-Type ‘Billboard’ web
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