Jim Gellatly selects more of Scotland’s New Music

In:Demand Uncut’s Jim Gellatly curates another batch of tunes from Scotland, including New Music from Homework, The OK Social Club, Randan Discotheque, Hey Enemy & Sega Bodega.

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*photo of Homework


  1. The OK Social Club ‘Getting Away With It’ web
  2. Homework ‘The Edge Of Control Was Black’ web
  3. Tommy Ashby ‘Broken Bones’ web
  4. Randan Discotheque ‘Since You Came Into My Life’ web
  5. Marionettes ‘Tea Parties’ web
  6. Sega Bodega ‘Konerak’ web
  7. Linden ‘If I Had Wings’ web
  8. Hey Enemy ‘Puppyhammer’ web
  9. Charlotte ‘Salt And Pepper’ web
  10. Chapel Club ‘Good Together’ (JD Twitch remix) web
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