Jim Gellatly with more of Scotland’s New Music

In:Demand Uncut’s Jim Gellatly presents more emerging music from Scotland including Primal Scream, The Velveteen Saints, The Holy Ghosts and Gamu.

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*Photo of The Holy Ghosts


  1. Primal Scream ‘2013’ (Andrew Weatherall remix) web
  2. The Holy Ghosts ‘When We Were Kings’ web
  3. TeenCanteen ‘You’re So Analog’ web
  4. Gamu ‘Shake The Room’ web
  5. Youcantdance ‘Bye’ web
  6. Black Balloons ‘This House’ web
  7. The Preventers ‘One Last Night’ web
  8. Dems ‘Desire’ web
  9. The Velveteen Saints ‘Can’t Wait To Leave You’ web
  10. Sky Ferreira ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ (Unicorn Kid remix) web
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