Jim Gellatly presents more of new music from Scotland

In:Demand Uncut’s Jim Gellatly with more emerging music from Scotland including tracks from Honeyblood, The Little Kicks and Laki Mera.

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*photo of Honeyblood at Wickerman


  1. Honeyblood ‘Bud’ web
  2. Pinact ‘Yusef’ web
  3. Laki Mera ‘All I Have’ web
  4. Orthodox ‘Turn & Face The Sun’ web
  5. Steve J. Ward ‘September’ web
  6. United Fruit ‘Nothing To Feel’ web
  7. Monoganon ‘Wasted Teens’ web
  8. The Little Kicks ‘Stop Repeating’ web
  9. Paul McLinden ‘Fix’ web
  10. Twin Atlantic ‘Free’ (Killie remix) web
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