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Lena Willikens gets into the depths of her record collection to explore the dark side of her musical memories. From her studio in Cologne, Lena takes us to a trip through rain, thunderstorm, lightning and music, an encounter with primitive machines, unexpected sounds and twisted versions of wellknown tracks.

Lena Willikens entra en el laberinto de su colección de grabaciones para explorar el lado más oscuro de sus recuerdos musicales. Desde su estudio en Colonia, Lena nos lleva a través de la lluvia y la música, encontrándonos en este viaje con primitivas máquinas, inesperados sonidos y raras versiones de tracks populares.


  1. Bamboo – Give Me Some More Of That Gooja
  2. Paul McCartney – Check My Machine
  3. Charlie Ace & Fay – Punanny
  4. Doug Hream Blunt – Gentle Persuasion
  5. Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I ?m A Wonderful Thing, Baby
  6. Eighties Ladies – Turned On To You
  7. Who ?s Who – Hypno Dance
  8. Bombers – Shake
  9. Bagarre – Lemonsweet (disco)
  10. Sexual Harrassment – K-I-S-S-I-N-G
  11. Suicide – Girl
  12. Charles Wilp – Madison Avenue Perfume Ad

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