Jim Gellatly’s latest New Music selection

In:Demand Uncut’s Jim Gellatly curates more emerging music from Scotland including tracks from Nina Nesbitt, Beerjacket and Lonely Tourist.

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*photo of Nina Nesbitt with Jim at Hampden Park


  1. Nina Nesbitt ‘Selfies’ web
  2. All She Knows ‘Why Do I Fall?’ web
  3. Beerjacket ‘End Of The Day’ web
  4. Capitol 1212 feat Profisee & Junior Bear ‘Haven’t You Heard’ web
  5. The New Mendicants ‘If Only You Knew Her’ web
  6. Dmarco ‘Hollywood Crush’ web
  7. Suspire ‘Moonshine’ web
  8. David McSweeney ‘New Year’ web
  9. The Apparells ‘Sirens’ web
  10. Lonely Tourist ‘Send In The Clowns’ web
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