Pearl and the PuppetsJim Gellatly with more of Scotland’s finest new music

Lining up another collection of the freshest new tracks, plus… Craig from Dogs Die In Hot Cars talks about his latest project… Jim reveals how he almost got lynched in Stirling… and can Paisley really be more of a musical hotbed than Liverpool?

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  1. Mopp feat. Stevie ‘A Day Needs More Love’ [myspace]
  2. Arran Arctic ‘Tight Lipped Lover’ [myspace]
  3. We’re Only Afraid Of NYC ‘Where We Go At Night’ [myspace]
  4. Annie Stevenson ‘Country Killer’ [myspace]
  5. Moy ‘Just A Kiss’ [myspace]
  6. Alan McKim ‘Elated’ [myspace]
  7. Endor ‘Two Lovers’ [myspace]
  8. Skies Fell ‘Contest’ [myspace]
  9. Stevie And The Moon ‘Tick Tock World’ [myspace]
  10. Pearl And The Puppets ‘Because I Do’ [myspace]
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