To commemorate the end of an era and celebrate the beginning of a new one, here’s a 60 minute exclusive mix from JD Twitch and JG Wilkes of recently disbanded legendary Glasgow Sunday club night, Optimo (Espacio) to accompany the release of their brand new Fabric 52 mix.

Here’s what they both had to say to our mates at Fabric about the legendary club night they started back in 1997.

JD Twitch:

“I’d been doing Pure for a few years and I was a little bit bored. It was the late 90s and the whole club scene had got a little bit boring for me, all my friends were bored, we’d all stopped going out. This opportunity came up to do the Sunday night at a club in Glasgow. The owners of The Sub Club had said they were happy for me to do whatever I wanted – so i took the opportunity to literally delve into my record collection and play all the music I’d never really played in a DJ set that I thought might just work on a dancefloor. So I started this night and I asked Johnnie to play with me; I didn’t know him very well but I knew that he had a similar interest in different types of music. And I knew he had an anarchic spirit, which is kind of what I wanted the night to be. Plus he had a lot of friends, and I thought if he’s doing it maybe a lot of his friends would come along too. It was really a private party for all our friends for the first year or so. The first year, almost 80 people per week would come and we’d know almost all of them, and that was fine. We had no plan, no ambition for the night, it was just a kind of outlet for us to do something fun for us.

After doing it for about a year, I think word must have got out and it suddenly became very popular, literally from one week to the next, 75 people one week and the next week it was packed. It just kind of stayed like that; it was almost just like people suddenly got it. It’s the people that made it and we were very fortunate that we got a really great crowd of people that came along, because the music was really quite different to what people were used to and quite all over the place. And because it was on a Sunday you had to make an effort to go, so the people that came really wanted to be there.”

JG Wilkes:

“I remember meeting Keith a long time ago. I used to play at a techno night in Glasgow in the mid-90s on a Saturday but I used to get Friday nights off all the time. I wasn’t travelling as a DJ at the time, I was just kind of DJing around Glasgow, and Keith did a club in Edinburgh called Pure. Pure was the first club Britain to bring people like Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig and artists like that. We used to go through on the bus from Glasgow. That’s when I first met Keith, on the bus going to Pure. It’s quite hard to remember a lot of the stuff that happened back then, for obvious reasons. I think in 1996, we did some parties together in Glasgow which were big parties with various rooms and lots of different elements to them – that was quite unusual at the time because the mid-90s weren’t a good time for techno, it was going into a corner a little bit. There were a lot of manly guys going to clubs and there was a bit of an aggressive atmosphere, and the music wasn’t developing particularly well in my opinion. We were thinking already at that point, ‘Let’s put something together that’s a bit more fun to do.’ We did these parties, a few one-offs, that brought live elements to it, some bands and different people playing in different rooms, and it was kind a more colourful experience, I suppose. And it was the year after that Optimo started, 1997.”

You will be missed but fondly remembered by thousands and thousands at home and far further afield Optimo (Espacio). You loved our ears. We salute yours. Thanks and go carefully.


  1. Unkown – White Label
  2. Kink – Existence
  3. Midnight Star – Midas Touch Accapella
  4. Shit Robot – I Got A Feeling
  5. Late Night Tuff Guy – I Get Deep
  6. Peverelist – Clunk Clip Every Trip
  7. Paul Johnson – Playing With A Rubber Band
  8. Levon Vincent – Love Technique
  9. Johnick – Play The World
  10. DJ Pareja – Kenia
  11. Cabin Fever Vol4 – Acid Party
  12. Cajmere – Let Me Be
  13. Unknown Artist – Keep A Burning (Combi)
  14. Boogie Corporation – Konked Out (Dub)
  15. Hot Chocolate – Cadillac (Revenge Edit)
  16. Betty Botox – Kasablanca Compact
  17. Arbeid Adelt – DeathDisco (Todd Terje edit)
  18. Nitzer Ebb- Warsaw Ghetto
  19. KXP- 18 Hours of Love (an Optimo (Espacio) Mix)

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