Optimo Acid Eyefull Mix

Listen online to Glasgow’s Optimo Espacio’s latest podcast on Radio Magnetic. This time round, an acid house special. Fast on the heels of the Optimo Godcast, comes another podcast celebrating the little silver box that is the Roland TB 303, the machine that along with some innovators from Chicago gave the world Acid House. This podcast is called Acid Eyeful. Some of you may have part of this as we gave the last two thirds of it away on the Optimo website in May. This is the full 72 minute version and the mix was recorded using two turntables and a laptop in one take with some minor editing after the fact (like some of the music contained within, the mix may be a little rough in places). It contains acid tracks of many varieties from 1987 – 2010 from the following cities – Chicago, Detroit, Edinburgh, Toronto, Frankfurt, Ghent, Paris, New York, Liverpool and London. The mix contains 20 tracks and lasts 70 minutes. Enjoy! optimo.co.uk




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