Orbit; Ceres: Featuring Swindlle, !!! and Neon Indian

Listen online to Radio Magnetic’s new music show which this week features brand new music from Swindle, !!! and Neon Indian. This weeks episode is named after the dwarf planet Ceres. In ancient Roman religion, Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. Throughout the Roman era, the Latin word ceres was synonymous with grain and, by extension, with bread. Ceres must be watching over the muiscal world this week as we’ve got a luscious crop of ripe and fertile musical selections, cropped and ready for your listening pleasure. Whether it be the grimey delights of Macca or the funky wonder of Swindle’s Meleka remix you’ll find something to entice you into our orbit. http://www.radiomagnetic.com




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