Cosmo Melting Pot Warm Up Mix

Here’s an exclusive mix from one of the most talented and knowledgeable DJs on the planet, Cosmo. Since moving from New York to London around 2000,Cosmo has continued to build a reputation as a DJ of some note – with the all encompassing New York mindset of DJing with no limits, playing good music, no matter the style or genre, as long as it works on the floor and not being a slave to the beat. Cosmo plays at this year’s New Years Eve party at Melting Pot, Glasgow alongide Cottam, Jamie Thompson and the Melting Pot residents. Should be quite a party. Melting Pot Hogmanay Party! DJ COSMO (Cosmodelica, DarkStarr, The Loft NYC) COTTAM Jamie Thomson MP residents: Andrew Pirie and Simon Cordiner £20 in advance (Rub A Dub, Aspecto, The Admiral)




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