We Can Still Picnic Radio 01: Feat. Nick Cave, Grace Jones and More

WCSP is a communications and design company operating across multiple platforms. Born in Glasgow on the tenth day of October 2010 or 10/10/10 if you prefer. WE CAN STILL PICNIC is a brand new trick in town, a (very) loose collective of artists, musicians, writers, provocateurs, poets, aesthetes, facilitators… The stated aim is to stimulate / manipulate / agitate and social interaction is high on the agenda… all uptight and designed to thrill. Various nights occur, including a club at Mono a sister club at the Admiral, called Loose Lips, plus our own record label. We also distribute We Can Still Picnic pamphlets which feature musings on everything from Yves Klein to Sun Ra to Saul Bass to Boards of Canada. Welcome to Episode One with WCSP members Bjorn Sandberg, Andy Power and Radio Magnetic‘s Andy McColgan. A few teething problems but we got there. More from WCSP very soon too. Hope you enjoy it. http://www.radiomagntic.com/wecanstillpicnic http://www.facebook.com/wecanstillpicnic




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