Orbit – Io: Feat. Quasi Dub Development, Rumpistol and Dutch Uncles

Back on the air with Joe Carr-Hollands, Orbit will bring you the best new releases from around the globe. This week’s episode is named after Jupiter’s fourth Galilean moon Io. Io is named after a Greek high priestess nymph lady whom Zeus had his way with without consent (Surprise Surprise). Bizarrely he then turned her into a small cow so he could get away with his dirty deed. As if being transformed into a mini cow wasn’t bad enough she was then viciously attacked by a gadfly sent by Zeus’s wife Hera who was not best pleased about her husband’s unwanted advances upon the young priestess. We will not be partaking in any non-consensual come-ons or bovine related tricky this week, but whether it’s the pulsating guitars of Spector or the deep pulsating beats of Quasi Dub Development we will find something to entice you into our Orbit. http://www.radiomagnetic.com/orbit http://www.radiomagnetic.com




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