The Charge – Episode 20: Feat. Metallica & Lou Reed, Opeth and The Rotted

The Charge is 20 and to celebrate we have three whole interviews for you to digest and get your lugs around! The kings of classic prog-infused death metal return, but… er… minus any death metal, with their Heritage album. This is of course, OPETH, and Michael and Frederic guide us through the new album and their upcoming plans. We also feature the first track from the much anticipated ‘Lulu’ collaboration between METALLICA & LOU REED (though it seems we’re the only ones on the internet who are being positive about this song!!). To balance the show, in case the bile towards this collaboration is too much. We’ve got new MACHINE HEAD to appease you’re wee metal hearts too this week! Plus much much more in this months foray into the best in heavy rock, metal and punk from across the globe, old and new.




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