Orbit – Atlas: Feat. Dead Man’s Waltz, Wye Oak and Casiokids

Come get your new releases fix with Orbit, back on air with Joe Carr-Hollands Orbit brings you the best new releases from this world and beyond. This week’s episode is named after Saturn’s fifteenth moon Atlas. Atlas was a Greek Titan, in his day a powerful deity who ruled during the golden age. In legend Atlas is condemned to stand on the western edge of the earth with the sky on his shoulder, a punishment handed to him by our good friend Zeus after the Titans lost their war against the Olympians. Well we hope he can hold the heavens a little longer because in this week’s selection of tunes we got some great bands from up there in the firmament with music from Cloud Control, Two Wounded Birds and Zola Jesus. So whatever you’re into we’re sure you’ll find something to entice you into our Orbit.




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