Beyond The Green Door Episode 1

Sam and Shandy present a selection of rareities plucked from the vaults of past present and future including some recent releases recorded at the studio. The show also features an interview with Greendoor studio regular Conal Blake of Whilst and the Roxy Crucifixion about the Youth Stand Up LP, a collaboration between Glasgow and young people in Ghana and Belieze that is now out on Optimo’s Automnomous Africa Label. The Green Door Studio is an Analogue and Digital recording studio based in Finniston Glasgow that runs a variety of music workshops and international project includes amongst its clients releases for Bill Drummond, Golden Teacher, Alistair Roberts, Rock Action, The Amazing Snakeheads, Alex Neilson, Catholic Action, Casual Sex, Sordid Sound System, Whilst, Belle and Sebastian, How to Swim, Kasper Hauser, Housefrau, L.A.P.S and many many more.




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