Jelly Roll Radio Episode 9 Feat. Riccardo Schirò

Episode 9 of the Jelly Roll Soul show on RM featuring Riccardo Schirò. Born in Sicily – a voracious record collector, Riccardo Schirò is an artist who embodies eclecticism. He has an honest and original approach to electronic music. Smoothly shifting across genres both in DJing and Production, always trying to trace the origin of rhythm in a wide range of musical traditions. This has lead him to start label Gravity Graffiti (check the latest 12″ by Soichi Terada and Whodamanny). His previous projects under the moniker of Richeart showed his personal take on House music – check his releses on labels Basement Night Feeling Sound and New Boy Shit Trax. Riccardo has also gained the attention of labels such as Still Music Chicago and Lumberjacks In Hell, his exploration of underwater voices and soundscapes is forthcoming on Periodica Records, while a new adventure with a jazz-funk group has just begun.




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