Saturday Manatee Episode 23 w/ Arctor

This month’s show is celebration of two years of Saturday Manatee. To mark the oaccasion we’ve decided keep on doing what we have been doing and bring in the DJs / Producers that have been making us sit-up and listen. This month is no different with the sublime Arctor in the studio for the duration. Arctor aka Tommy Livingston produces high tempo soulful electronic funk and whilst he already has a couple of releases already down he has some real heat about to drop before the end of the year. We thought we would take the opportunity to get him in to tear it up in the studio and get a sneak preview on the show. As well as his production skills, Tommy is one of the resident DJs at his own night Tremors here in Glasgow. Check out the soundcloud / bandcamp links for a flavour of what’s to come https://soundcloud/tremorsglasgow




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