Vic’s Sunday Soundclash w/ Aalya (Otherside Records)

Vic invites the owner of Otherside Records, Glasgow, Aalya onto this month’s show. Aalya lays down one hour of beautifully crafted dancehall – all vinyl. Aalya Otherside Tracklist ( 53.33 ) Sizzla – Dis Gangster Alley Cat – Midnight General Pecus – Vampire Dem Wine & Kotch (version) Queen Paula & Lady Mackerel – Lef Mi Man Shaggy Wonder – Bad Man (version) Lady Saw & Merciless – Long ’Til It Bend Beenie Man – Oysters Conch Little Hero & Mick Melody – Hold Yu Head Pinchers – Bandolero Tony Curtis – Can’t Leave Me (version) Merciless – Mawga Man Lady Saw – Been Man – Girls Dem Sugar (version) Hawkeye – Leggo Dat Elephant Man & Harry Toddler – A Follow Wi Lady Saw – Nuh Dis Me Lady Saw – No Long Talking (version) @othersideglasgow @soundclashvic @radiomagnetic




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