Tag: Breakbeat

  • Pure Mince 36

    Pure Mince 36

    This month’s show is a UK Garage special.

  • Unknown States Ep33

    Unknown States Ep33

    Episode 33 of the Unknown States radio show. Tracks from: IVVVO Andy Stott Tessela Truss Nathan Fake Quirke BFTT Djrum Overmono Marco Zenker Lanark Artefax Prime Vertical

  • Unknown States Ep30

    Unknown States Ep30

    Unknown States Ep30. Tracks from: Space Dimension Controller Floating Points Asquith Two Shell Joy Overmono Skee Mask Markus Suckut Villager DJ ADHD, Chloe Robinson Martyn Nikki Nair Kareem El Morr Peder Mannerfelt Hagop Tchaparian Inland SSTROM Moktar Karenn Blawan Uncrat Kincaid Stenny Hugo Massien Vril, Rodhad I.JORDAN Katy B

  • Unknown States Ep28

    Unknown States Ep28

    Hilltop plateaus, empty warehouses, basement groovers, half-remembered tunes. Slow and fast and slow and fast and fast and faster. Join me for Episode 28 of the Unknown States radio show. A sprawling mix, featuring tracks from: Hatis Noit Makam Paralell Manifesto Like A Tim Four Tet Daphni Joy Orbison Stephen Brown Materie Beschleuniger Axel Boman…

  • 20 Years Of Radiomagnetic // Run4Cover

    20 Years Of Radiomagnetic // Run4Cover

    This is a 1 hour guest mix I did to celebrate 20 years of internet radio heroes Radio Magnetic. The celebration involved an all-day takeover of proper FM radio station Groove City Radio and went out on 88.7fm on 3rd Jan 2022. Here is my show – it starts off chuggy and gets fairly banging…

  • Unknown States Episode 24

    Unknown States Episode 24

    The sun was out for about 5 mins in Glasgow at the weekend so this mix is channelling the summer vibes. Few garage tracks, few dnb tracks, mostly breakbeat. Maybe a techno track or two. Tracks from: Skeleton King Interplanetary Criminal Nia Archives Nikki Nair Private Caller Floating Points FFF Denham Audio 1800HaightStree

  • Make Do: Mend #06

    Make Do: Mend #06

    Episode 6 of Make Do: Mend with Bud Burroughs

  • Aurienteering With M.A.P.S Vol 30

    Aurienteering With M.A.P.S Vol 30

    Back again with our next istallment of our global rundown of all things good. We have decided to cut back the number of shows this year to allow us more focus in other areas of the M.A.P.S life, so expect us every other month going forward. Strap in for show 30 as we try and…

  • Acid Flash Episode 1: IDA and special guest Giles Walker

    Acid Flash Episode 1: IDA and special guest Giles Walker

    Welcome to the first episode of the new Acid Flash radio show by IDA. In the first episode, I will be playing the first hour and the second hour is a guest mix from Giles. We will be going through genres like acid, breakbeat, electro, house and techno. Giles is a DJ, promoter and radio…

  • Reduced Service Episode 1

    Reduced Service Episode 1

    Episode 1 of Reduced Service on Radio Magnetic