Afrofutures Episode 4: Feat. Special Guest – Esa Williams (SubClub/Rememory)

The world is getting smaller: music is changing. Afrofutures will explore emergent music from around the globe focusing on small localised musical ghettos, cross-cultural collaborations and the so-called World Music 2.0. Afrofutures is hosted by Glasgow based DJ Brian d’Souza. Episode 4 features a live DJ session from Esa Williams (Sub Club / Rememory) showcasing rare and exclusive tracks from South Africa with a little help from Nelson Mandela (!) as a warm up to his set at Highlife in Glasgow on Saturday 7 May. It also features new tracks from Auntie Flo, Actress, Ame, Comeme, Falty DL and Nacho Patrol.




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