Afrofutures Episode 5: Shackleton / Voodoo Drumming Special

The world is getting smaller: music is changing. Afrofutures will explore emergent music from around the globe focusing on small localised musical ghettos, cross-cultural collaborations and the so-called World Music 2.0. Afrofutures is hosted by Glasgow based DJ Brian d’Souza. Episode 5 comes in the form of a highly inventive vinyl-only mix by Brian d’Souza, fusing original Voodoo Drumming recordings from Haitian ritual ceremonies with the tribal computer music of Shackleton. Shackleton is playing live at Highlife’s 1st birthday celebration this week in Glasgow (Friday 20 May at the Art School) so this mix pays tribute to his unique drum-led sound in direct comparison to the even more complex rhythm patterns of the Haitian Drummers.




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